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4 Amazing Green Reading Techniques From The Pros

Putting generally makes up nearly 33 per cent of the total golf scores. This clearly indicates that every putt is really crucial for your golf game and you cannot afford to lose any golf shot due to bad green reading.

Therefore, we have listed some simple techniques, which will help you to get better at green reading and immediately lower your putts per golf round. The tips are offered by golf experts, so that you can be sure that these can really improve your golf game.

  1. Look for big slopes and low points
  2. The first technique is to find big slopes on the golf course. Almost all of the putting greens are designed in such a way that water can run off. Therefore, you need to figure out this direction of the green by searching for the lowest points on the golf course.

    All the putts will break at this point, except if it is a green of 2 tiers. One of the easy ways to do this is to visualize that you are pouring water on the green and then see where it would flow. This way you can identify the big slopes on the green.

  3. Feel the putt’s pace
  4. You must feel the pace of your putt through your practice strokes and make out if you want to hit it firmly or want to get it in the hole. This will decide the speed of your putt or how hard you will hit the putt. The putt will take more breaks with slower pace. You must develop a good pre-putt routine, so that you can see as well as feel the golf ball along with the line to the hole.

  5. Select your spot
  6. Select a spot from where you want to roll over the ball in the putt’s first foot, after you decide your line. You can do this be standing behind the golf ball and locating your spot, such as a discoloration or grass blade on the course. You must play with more breaks and choose the side that inclines towards the hole, as most amateur players miss putts on the side that is low.

  7. Read from maximum 100 yards
  8. You must read the green within 100 yards. For instance, if the course slopes from back to fore, then you want the shot to land your ball below the hole in order to get a rising putt.

Follow these 4 amazing green reading techniques given by pros and improve your putting.

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