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4 Little-Known Golf Tricks That Can Help You Beat Your Opponents

While golf is a game that you play against yourself - your fears, your focus, etc. there are times when it is nice to get one over on your playing partners. We are not talking about cheating or gamesmanship here. The tips I will teach you in this article are well within the rules and, more importantly, within the spirit of the game.

  1. Take advantage of your handicap.
  2. Use your shots wisely. Depending on your handicap, you will have one or two shots to play with on the hardest holes on the course. If you do get 2 shots on a tough par-4 for example, don't be too ambitious and try to make a heroic 4. Play conservatively, take your 6 (a 4 with your handicap) and get to the next tee.

  3. Get your short game sharp.
  4. Nothing will demoralize your opponent more than seeing you getting up and down all the time. He might think he's won the hole when he sees you off the side of the green or in the trees. But his heart will sink if you continue to chip it close and roll putts in from all angles.

  5. Hit first into the green.
  6. If you drive is shorter than your opponents, you will be playing first into the green. This gives you a chance to hit a solid iron shot onto the putting surface. It will put pressure on your opponent's approach if you are sitting nicely on the dance floor and standing on the side of the fairway with your putter under your arm and a relaxed look on your face.

  7. Let them make mistakes and play within yourself.
  8. Very often, you do not need to play spectacular golf to beat your opponent. More times than not, if you play solid golf, your opponent will gift you the game by making mistakes. Just focus on hitting fairways and greens, making pars and you will profit from your opponents weaknesses. This is a much better strategy than trying to be spectacular golf by trying to birdie the first 7 holes right out of the gate.

By applying the 4 rules above, you will be on the way to becoming the most feared match play player in your club. Your name will strike fear into the heart of every golfer who is drawn to play you in a one vs. one match play situation.

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