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Useful Tips On How To Arrange Group Golf Holidays

Are you going on a golf holiday, it sounds like loads of fun. But do you know that arranging it is a headache, a complex process that can stress you out and drain out the fun aspect of the holiday. Arranging a group golf holiday requires patience and good planning skills, which, to speak the truth, is not the natural characteristic of every person. Luckily, we’ll share a few useful tips on this topic to help you with the task.

Appoint a group organizer

The first step to take, even before the planning stage, is appointing a group organizer. A good golfer won’t necessarily make a good holiday organizer. So, before the group delegates all the powers and responsibilities to a single person, ensure he/she has the following qualities:

  • Should possess excellent organizational skills and the ability to take initiative, pursue it, and see to that the task is accomplished.

  • An organizer is not the commander or leader of the group; he should not take unilateral decisions. Rather, he should build consensus and create an atmosphere where every member of the group feels comfortable and valued.

  • An organizer is the point person who contacts hotels, golf courses, airlines, and various other services and makes necessary arrangement. This requires excellent communication skill.

  • The organizer must be proactive, articulate, and sharp.

Choose the destination

Each member might have their own take on the ideal destination for a golf holiday. This necessitates a discussion where everyone’s thoughts and views on the subject are heard, and then 2-3 destinations are shortlisted. Afterwards, it’s the duty of the organizer to gather more information about the 2-3 destinations and prepare a report or presentation. The final step is to convene another meeting of all the group members to present the information gathered and report prepared, and to evolve a consensus on the best destination to go on a golf holiday.

The four vital factors to keep in mind when selecting a golf holiday destination:

  • This isn’t a solo trip; you just can’t pack a bag and travel the whole world in search of the best golf course. Is your group willing to travel outside the country or continent? How much would it cost the group to travel a faraway destination? How far is the golf course from the hotel or resort? The accessibility question must be answered before you decide on a destination.

  • The quality and cost of transportation must be ascertained. How are you going to commute from the hotel or resort to the course? There are many options; car taxi, train, and bus are the traditional options available for tourists at most holiday destinations.

  • Take the physical fitness of the group members into consideration. If your group has elders or people who’re not in good physical health then choosing a golf course with many steep slopes won’t be a good idea.

  • The opportunity to partake in other fun activities at the golf destination is the final element your group needs to consider. Nature lovers would prefer golf destinations that also have waterfalls, beaches, mountains, or nature reserves. Some people prefer to visit nightlife hotspots, clubs, spas, etc. in the evenings. So, list the off-the-course activities your group members prefer and take their suggestions into consideration before deciding on the golf destination.
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