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A Simple Way To Organize A Two-Day Golf Break In Portugal

The beautiful golf courses around Portugal offer the perfect break and for many golfers, become a regular place to visit on their golfing trips to Europe. Organizing a two-day golf break to this beautiful country is fairly simple, as long as you bear a couple of things in mind when planning.

Where do you want to play?

Perhaps the first thing to decide is where about in the country you want to play. If you are flying into Portugal, this will decide the destination of your flight. There are many excellent courses in the capital Lisbon including Troia and Quinta da Marinha. If you have never played golf in the country, however, perhaps start with the courses in the Algarve region. Not only are there many to choose from, but the sheer variety of course types as well as the stunning natural beauty of the area make this a must see!

Course types

The next question is what course types would you prefer to play? The Algarve, in particular, has many options, including 9-hole, 18-hole and the 27-hole layout at Palmares. Then there are the course styles themselves such as those found on the coast – which includes many links holes – or those slightly more inland near the Monchique Mountains. Or maybe you prefer a challenge such as those offered by Quinta de Marinha, Penina or Vale de Lobo.


Next, you will need to decide where you will be staying. The Algarve is filled with a number of excellent golfing resorts and hotels, a brilliant option, especially for a two-day visit. Of course, to save some money, you could stay away from the resorts in one of the many small villages dotted throughout the region. Bear in mind, then you will need some form of transport to get you to the courses you intend to play at.

Other facilities

Consider if you need to be near any other facilities. If you are bringing your family or partner along, they will need to be entertained while you are out on the golf course. This doesn’t present a problem if you are staying at one of the golfing resorts as their facilities include a spa, a gym, restaurants, children’s activities and swimming pools to name but a few.

How will you book?

Finally, your last consideration is how to make your booking. Perhaps the easiest way is with a golf tour operator. Now you only have to worry about having a good round!

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