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How To Achieve Excellence Making Difficult Golf Shots

In golf, strength alone doesn’t determine the success of a shot. Actually, strength plays a minor role is a perfect swing. There are just too many factors that contribute to a good shot. Apart from your skill, there are multiple factors such as the lie of the ball, weather condition, game situation, etc. that have a big role to play. When there are so many elements that influence the outcome of a shot, you need something special to manage everything and come out on the top of the game.

Golf shots that are particularly difficult to play place an extra burden on your shoulders. There is only one way you can achieve excellence and that is by developing good decision-making skill. In this article, we’ll discuss two difficult shots in golf and how your decision-making ability can save the day for you.

The Tee Box Shot

Sometimes you’ll come across a par-4 that’ll challenge every skill of yours. Suppose you’re faced with a tough task to complete a hole with narrow fairways with trees on both sides, how will your decision-making ability help?

Most amateurs without applying their mind to the situation opt for driver clubs to hit the ball down the fairway. The risk of landing the ball in the woods is pretty high in this case. Your objective should be to keep the ball in the fairway and not to hit it long and take a huge risk. The best recourse for you is to choose any club that’ll help you hit the ball straight. You can pick the hybrid or any other club that’ll keep the ball in the fairway.

Hitting Over Water

Everyone is afraid of hitting approach shots over the water; professionals are no exception. You don’t have to be a hero and try to show your mad golfing skills. Play safe and forget about hitting into the pin. When there is a water body to cross your aim should be to get the ball on the green. It’s up to you to choose the landing spot; it can be the center, near or far away from the water.

Hitting far away from the water can later require you to hit a three putter. Anyways, a three putter is much better than landing the ball in the water. You have taken a bold decision. Now, execute the plan to perfection and get the ball with a minimum number of strokes into the pin. You’ll be very pleased with the outcome; you have successfully avoided hitting the ball into the water.

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