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5 Useful Suggestions For Those Searching For An Affordable Golf Course

Golf enthusiasts who absolutely love the game would travel far and wide to play on the course that they love and can afford. The task of finding a golf course that’s both world class and affordable isn’t easy. Portugal being one of the finest golf regions in the world boasts of many excellent courses that can satisfy a golfer on both counts – quality and affordability. Want help in searching for an affordable golf course? Here are some useful hints.

  1. Nothing can ruin a day for a golfer than playing on a course that’s too expensive, but not up to international standards. There is no denying that golf is an expensive sport and most courses charge an exorbitant amount of money by adding the cost of clubs, caddy, buggy, and other stuff. You can significantly reduce the cost by finding a course that’ll allow you to opt out of these extra services.
  2. Although the weather is warm and sunny for most part of the year in Portugal, the prices of the course vary depending on the season. You’ll find the price to be at the maximum during the peak season and the same course becomes very affordable during winter.
  3. You don’t have to wait for the season to change to search an affordable course. Prices vary between tee times; most courses segment the day into peak hours and non-peak hours, and the rates also differ. The morning hours, which are considered in the majority of courses as the peak period, has a higher price tag on it than the afternoon session. Online golf portals that list the details of all courses in a particular region or country also publish the pricing chart that contains the tee times and the rates.
  4. Sometimes you can offset the cost of playing in an expensive course by availing some of the add-on services offered. Check out the course website, they would list the additional freebies like breakfast, extra time on the course, free club or buggy rental, golf balls, or drinks at the cafe. These bonus services would reduce your overall cost of the tee time at the golf course.
  5. If you want to play at a popular golf course and not spend too much, then plan smart. Staying at a hotel and booking tee times on a course that has its own resort is a foolish move that some golfers do even today. Search for a golf resort that includes golf course time in its overall accommodation package.
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