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A Brief Introduction To Common Golf Faults And Fixes

There is a list of common faults in golf players are known to experience. The good news is there are different ways of fixing them that can benefit your skills and score on the green. It is helpful for new players to learn about such faults to see what they can do to see improvement. When making practice shots this is a good time to work on correcting faults. Here are some common golf faults and fixes to review.

  • Lack of good balance. Be sure to complete your swing from start to finish and hold it upon follow through. Good balance will help you hold your swing and follow through with proper form. It will ensure solid contact can be made with the ball when you have a good grip in place. Look into exercises that encourage good posture and be sure to stretch or warm up before playing rounds to help muscles relax. There are also swing drills to consider that can help your stance.
  • Poor grip or lack of good grip pressure. Improper grip makes it difficult for wrists to release when you swing through and may be result of tension. If your grip is good this is to assume your grip pressure is on point. If you don’t have a good grip this could mean your grip pressure will be off. Practice gripping your club properly and do practice shots to get an idea of what happens when playing with poor grip.
  • Lack of distance or falling short with approach shots. Your downswing may need some work if you find you are making divots in the grass before the club head makes contact with the ball. There are drills to consider that include swinging at the ball while trying not to make contact with an object laid down near the ball. Practice accuracy.
  • Swing path is poor. A poor swing path can lead to slicing the ball if you are not keeping the clubface open as you swing. Consider swing drills that help you establish good alignment within your swing path.
  • Poor alignment. This is due to lack of proper direction of the clubface. Pay attention to how the clubface needs to travel. There are golf drills to help you understand how the clubface comes in contact with the ball and how to keep it in line with the target.
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