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How Much Would It Cost You To Have A Golf Vacation In Portugal Including Flights?

Filling The Piggy Bank

Are you thinking about a golf vacation in Portugal (including flights) this year? If so, you're probably considering the costs. You have to save for this holiday and you may need to budget, so knowing how much everything will give you some clarity. This article will give you estimates of all costs (flights, green fees, etc.) included in a golf vacation to Portugal. These estimates will give you a target. That target all for will inspire you and give you motivation as you get your savings closer and closer to it. That golfing holiday to Portugal now moves from a wish to a real event.


Let first begin with getting to Portugal. To give you a rough estimate, flight tickets will cost about £200 for 2 people flying from any London airport. To give you an idea of the time, you will arrive in a around 3 hours.


If you buy an all-inclusive package at a resort, the cost will range from £380 to £500 per person. That cost is for 3 nights with breakfast, golf and flight included. To give you an idea of per night costs, they can range from £80 at the lower end to £235 and night at the Hyatt.

Here is one specific example of costs at the famous Penina Hotel and Golf Resort. This was the first golf resort built in the Algarve by grandfather of British golf: Sir Henry Cotton. For 3 nights, including unlimited rounds of golf and breakfast, the cost is £185. For 5 nights at the same resort, the cost would be £299. These figures will help you decide how many nights you want to stay.

Golfing Costs

Now let's discuss the golf-related costs. Playing at the Faldo Oceania course will cost £100 per round. Green fees at courses in the region can range from £80 at the smaller courses to £200 (including buggy) at the high-end championship courses. If you want to golf clubs, a set of TaylorMade RBZ Stage 2 Tour irons will cost £70 per week. This cost can drop to £50 if you choose a more basic set. If you will only play with your own set from home, the extra baggage costs to put them on the plane can be anything from £30 to £50.

Calculating the costs of your dream golfing holiday will have a profound effect on budgeting. After all, you can't hit what you don't aim at.

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