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Recommendations On Where To Learn Golf Without Help

Golf isn’t baseball or football that you can learn all by yourself. It’s a sport that depends on accuracy, dynamics, flexibility, and technique. Many would advise hiring a golf instructor to learn golf, but that’s not always required. You might have your own reasons to not hiring a golf instructor. This article is not about the pros and cons of it. Today, we are going to discuss where to learn golf without help.

If you’re not going to take golf lessons from a golf teacher, then the second best option – turn to the internet. We know you’re eager to understand the basics of the game, to pick up the various strategies, and learn how to handle pressure, so we’ll get right to the point. Here are three websites where you can learn golf without help.

Golf (dot) Com

To teach a sophisticated sport you would expect the site to have some big design and features. You’ll find that golf(dot)com is simple, but it’s a treasure trove of information. The main feature of the website is the search option called ‘Lesson Finder’. With this feature, you can find articles and videos on golf basics, swings, techniques, tips, tutorials, and more. This website picks up the best information from around the web and presents in an easily usable format. The golf(dot)com website will dispense with the need for a golf pro because it is the best teacher you can find online. The website was certified as one of the 100 best golf teachers by the Golf Magazine.

Learn About Golf (dot) Com

Learnaboutgolf(dot)com is the next best website to find tips and introductory lessons on golf swings and techniques. On the navigation bar at the top of the website, you’ll find a ‘Golf Lessons’ option. Clicking the option will lead to a page with over 50 articles that provide instructions, tips, tricks, and hints on how to improve your game. There is a special option for video tutorials. Clicking a video lesson option will open a page with many short videos about that topic.

Golf (dot) About (dot) Com

There is a separate section in the popular about(dot)com website solely dedicated to golf. The site’s golf database is pretty detailed and comprehensive with plenty of learning material for the newbie of the game. The ‘instruction’ section here will take you to a page with links to articles and videos on golf basics. The only thing that puts golf(dot)about(dot)com at number three in this list is that it’s more of a text-based site with articles and guides with fewer video tutorials.

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