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Super Swing Golf Tips That Impressed Even Professionals

Pro-Am Tournaments

Most professional golf tournaments on both the European and US PGA tour begin on Thursdays. Wednesdays is the Pro Am day where the professional players are paired with local amateurs. This day usually involves lots of tips and coaching from the professional players to the hapless amateurs.

In this article however, you will learn some tips that could be passed the other way - from amateur to professional.

Squat at address

When you take your address position, shove your knees out as if you were trying to squat down. Pointing your knees out in this fashion will brace your knees and thighs. Having this tension in your legs will make your swing much more stable and repeatable.

Turn don't tilt

As you start your moveaway from the ball, it is important to turn your right shoulder behind you and not tilt your shoulders by lifting your right shoulder up and pointing your left shoulder down. Practice this without a golf club by taking your address position and crossing your arms across your chest. Next, rotate your shoulders on a level plane. Repeat this exercise a few times to ingrain the feeling of turning the shoulders early in your swing.

Halfway checkpoint

Point the butt end of the club at the ground half way through your backswing and half way through your follow through. Doing this will guarantee that you have cocked your wrists correctly on the backswing and that you have released your wrists fully on the followthrough.

Width at the top of the backswing

Get the grip of the club as far away from your head as possible at the top of the swing. This will ensure a wide swing arc. What you want to do then is then increase that distance as you move through the downswing. Applying the two tips above will help you hit the ball further.

Really watch the ball

To keep your head down, try to see the divot underneath the ball after the strike. Seeing the divot underneath the ball will keep your head down help you stay with the shot rather than losing your spine angle.

Stay in balance

Hold your followthrough at the end of your swing, as if you were posing for a photo. Focusing on holding this pose will teach you to always swing in balance rather than falling over yourself trying to hit the ball too hard.

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