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Cheap Golf In Algarve: Making The Most Of Your Budget

Algarve is the most preferred golf destination of millions of golf lovers around the world. There are so many top class golf courses and innumerable beaches to visit in Algarve. If you’ve plenty of cash then you can visit Algarve many times in a year. Even if you don’t have enough money, there are a number of ways to play golf on a limited budget. Here are a few tips you should definitely know if you want to play golf in Algarve on a limited budget.

  1. There are many advantages of undertaking a group golf vacation to Algarve. Naturally, if your group is a large one, you can save big by booking bulk tee times at discount rates. Not many people book more than a few rounds of golf. So, when a tourist requests a 10 or 15 rounds of golf, the club would be only too happy to give concessions.

  2. Why to spend money on rental clubs when it’s perfectly possible to play with your own golf kit. There are many ways to transport golf kits to holiday destinations at cheap rates. Explore various options and choose the one that costs the least. Here too, traveling with a group would help you share the transportation cost.

  3. Full-size courses with 18 holes have higher green fees. An easy way to play more on your limited budget is to opt for par-3 courses or 9-hole courses. There are many par-3 courses in Algarve. Search the web for these low green fee courses and plan your golf vacation accordingly.

  4. Opt for a stay-and-play golf package offered by various resorts and hotels in Algarve. Even hotels that don’t have their own golf course have tie-ups with local golf clubs to offer combo packages to golf tourists. You can save money by opting for combo packages.

  5. Ditch the extras at the golf courses. Renting a buggy or trolley can easily add up to a big total. By canceling all the add-ons you can save some money and play more golf.

  6. Those who make frequent trips to Algarve can opt for golf course memberships. Memberships are a lot cheaper than booking green fee each time you visit the course.

  7. You can also save big by booking tee times during non-peak seasons. Furthermore, the golf clubs divide a day into many sessions and fix different rates for them. Early morning session (before nine in the morning) and twilight session are the cheapest. Similarly, when the weather isn’t perfect, most golf courses cut rates to attract guests.
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