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Best Tips to Help You Increase Your Driving Distance

Driving the golf ball is an art, as well as a skill set that must be attained when playing the game. Of course every shot on the course matters, but the drive is the shot that sets you up for the hole. Without a solid driving distance to play your approach shot, you’re on your way to bogey golf.

With golf, there’s always something new to learn, but always a bad habit to pick up as well. With these tips to to help you increase the driving distance within your game, you’ll be on your way to shooting par.

Align Your Aim & Keep Your Head Down

The cliche statement of keeping your head down, and knowing your aim is probably in every golf technique book. By aiming your shoulders towards the direction in which you want to shoot, will improve your game tremendously. Keeping your head down to hit the ball is vital in the game of golf, no matter what shot you’re stepping up to.

In order to increase your driving distance, aligning your aim will put the ball in the right direction, out of sight of trees, and traps ahead. With also keeping your head down through your follow through, this engages perfect contact with the ball.

Line Your Left Foot Up With the Ball

Depending on if you’re a righty or a lefty, use your pivot foot to line up with the ball. This increases not only contact with the ball, but longevity in distance with the ball.

For instance, if you’re a dominant right handed golfer, you want to line your left foot up with the ball at the tee. Vice versa if you’re a left handed player. This will increase your distance significantly, since you’re getting solid contact with the ball on your downswing.

Follow Through with Your Swing

In order to get maximum distance with any shot on the course, following through with your shot is vital to your distance. Driving the ball of the tee is the first shot on every hole. Not giving 100% can result in a reduction in how far your ball might go.

With your driver, following through can add up to 30-50 yards, depending on how fluent your swing is as a player. Not following through can also result in a slice or hook on the course, and that’s never good. You have one shot at the tee, make it count, and follow through with your swing.

Adjust Your Grip at the Tee

Another tip to increase the distance of your ball of the tee is adjusting your grip. This not only will give a positive affect to the direction of the ball, but it will increase your contact with the ball as well.

The inter-lock grip is the most popular amongst many players within the league, and it’s usually recommended. Another grip that works for most players is the baseball grip. Though the baseball grip can deter the direction of your ball, it still can add that boost you’re looking for on the course.


Golf takes a lot of patience, as well as persistence on the course. With these simple steps, you’ll be on your way to hitting 250 yards plus. Adding simplistic strategies to your golf game, can truly improve your handicap as well as your stoke score.

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