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Hints To Remember Before Playing Golf For The First Time

Playing golf for the first time doesn’t have to be nerve racking. As you get to know the sport you may learn about other actions to avoid. Golf can be a tedious activity with plenty of details to remember, but don’t sweat it the first time around. There are things you can do to make things easier for your first time and even help improve your game overtime. Fortunately, there are things you can do to make your experience enjoyable while getting yourself established on the green. Here are some points to consider prior to making your first golf play.

  • Take time to stretch muscles before playing. Stretching is a must and it helps reduce injury risk. Learn about stretches recommended for golfers and consider warming up about 10 to 15 minutes before play.
  • Maintain control of swing tempo. When playing for the first time you may notice differences in how you swing. Establishing control of the swing motion will help in developing a consistent swing motion.
  • Don’t be hard yourself first time around. It is okay to make a mistake and you have yet to get used to the course. Take things in stride and learn from it.
  • Walk on the course if possible. Elements such as weather changes can affect golf course vulnerabiliites. Plus, walking the course helps you get to know the greens and their condition, besides being a good form of exercise.
  • Keep positive mind set. Staying positive will help you focus. Plus, it ensures you keep your cool when things seem to go south. Have an open mind as you play and take consideration tips or advice offered by other players.
  • Review golf course rules and golf etiquette. Many newbies may not realize golf courses have rules to follow. This ensures players respect the course while being respectful to each other.
  • Keep flow of play going. Be mindful of other golfers that may be playing rounds after you to ensure good timing and to stay on track with scheduling.
  • Play with friends to ease tension. Playing with people you know can help you relax on the course. You can watch them make plays and take notes on how to improve your own.
  • Enjoy yourself! Don’t let the pressure of being a newbie on the green bother you. For the most part, have fun, take in the scenery, and relax!
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