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Golf Tips From The Pros That Helped Thousands Of Newbies

Beginners of golf are always conscious about where they should start their game from. For those who are not aware of anything about golf, this is the right thing to read.

Golf terminology

You do not have to mug up all the lingo of golf from a golf dictionary, but you must begin learning a few basic terms before you step on your first golf course. It will really help you learn the game more quickly.

Rules of golf

Golf as a game can become very tedious when you have to cram a long list of rule. However, if you learn a few rules weekly, you can gradually get the hold of all of them. Moreover, unless you have to play for a tournament or for money, the majority of rules do not even matter.

Your clothes

Many golf courses need you to wear specific set of clothes to play golf, which includes a polo shirt for men and women. The women can, however, take the leverage in a few golf courses; they can wear pants, shorts, or skirt. You can also take along your hat, sun-tan lotion, and sunglasses.

Golf etiquette

Beginners often commit a few mistakes on the golf course, which may not seem very pleasing to the seasoned golfers or the golf instructors. Since this is a sophisticated game, you must be aware of the golf etiquettes. Read these common mistakes that people often commit in the beginning of their career or hobby:

  • Amateur golfers do not repair the marks of their pitch when the golf ball lands, which results in an indent. When you do not repair the indent, the roots of the grass are often destroyed.

  • You must keep up with pace of the game and be ready for your shot if it is your chance.

  • Avoid talking to people when they are preparing for their shot. In addition, if you have to talk to someone, be very soft in your voice so that others do not get disturbed by your voice.

  • Always pick up your tees for reuse if they are not broken. If you cannot reuse them, toss them in the garbage. When you are on par 3, you might leave the tee top for another golfer to use.
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