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10 Quick Tips To Help You Organize A Golf Break In Portugal

Portugal is a well known golf destination that has an extensive range of world class golf courses. If you’re contemplating on taking a golf break you won’t find a better place to visit than Portugal.

Wait! Not so fast. Before you rush to buy air tickets there are a few tips we want to share with you about organizing a golf break to Portugal.

  1. Ah! The first important decision – To hire a tour operator or not? If you’ve had a previous golf holiday organizing experience, then sure, you can go ahead and organize a memorable golf vacation with the tips given below. But, if this is your first time, then use the tips as a guide and hire a tour operator to assist you in this task.
  2. Portugal is your destination for a golf vacation, but where are you going to stay and play. You need to decide on these questions. Portugal is home to a large number of golf courses, which makes it very difficult to decide. Talk to your family, friends, and tour operator, if you’ve hired one.
  3. Golf is played almost throughout the year in Portugal. So, you’ll notice the accommodations and courses are busy for most months in a year. You’ve to book early, well ahead of your vacation date to even have a chance of getting a reservation at quality resorts or courses.
  4. If you think that all the courses in Portugal have same or similar rules and policies, then you’re wrong. Don’t assume anything; contact the course administration via mail or a phone call to gather all the necessary information, especially a detailed list of the policies, rules, and regulations.
  5. What’s your purpose of visiting a golf destination like Portugal? Is it to have a competitive game with your golf buddies, play a round of golf at a championship course that has hosted legends of the game, or introduce the game of golf to your kids? The purpose of travel should decide the golf course you intend to play.
  6. Golf lovers associate Portugal with fantastic golfing experience. That’s true, but Portugal has much more to offer to its visitors. There are world famous beaches, historical sites, nature reserves, and much more to see and experience in Portugal. Make a list of activities you want to partake when not playing golf.
  7. Similar to the courses, not all airlines are the same. Some charge a little extra for golf equipments. Before booking air tickets find out the rates and also their terms and policies on damage to baggage and equipment.
  8. You need to buy travel insurance before you embark on the trip. Contact your insurance company and find out if they sell travel insurance, but if they don’t find a reputable company and buy one before you board the plane.
  9. Booking air tickets, taxi service, resort, golf course tee times, etc. require money. Sometime you’ll be required to pay in full, in advance, or at least pay part of the amount. So, when organizing a golf break decide on a budget and collect the money from your friends or group early so that you can proceed with the booking.
  10. Ask yourself how you are going to commute between the resort/hotel and the course or other holiday hotspots. If you’ve hired a tour operator he/she will take care of the logistics and transportation. But to be safe, plan ahead and make sure you spend less time on travel and more on golf and other fun activities.
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