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10 Things You Need To Know About Vilamoura Golf Holidays

With a number of world-class golf courses, luxury accommodation options, sunny beaches, and vibrant nightlife, Vilamoura is widely considered by people around the world as one of the best golfing destinations in Europe. There are innumerable reasons to visit this wonderful golf city, some of them are mentioned below.

  1. It’s so easy to reach Vilamoura. From Faro – home to Algarve’s largest international airport, you can reach Vilamoura within minutes by way of bus or car taxi. Holidaymakers can hire a taxi on the spot or make arrangements beforehand. Alternatively, you can also use the bus or train service to reach the golf destination.
  2. The commute between your place of stay and the golf course will be short as you’ll find resorts, hotels, and holiday villas established close to the courses. Interestingly, many of the resorts and hotels in the region have their own golf course within the perimeter.
  3. In and around this small city there are over 30 courses, most of which find mention in the Top Golf Courses in Europe list. Out of the many courses, the six that are a must visit for any golf lovers are The Laguna Course, Millennium Golf, Old Course, Pinhal Golf Course, Victoria Golf Course, and Vila Sol Golf Course.
  4. Yet another feature that attracts golf enthusiasts to Vilamoura is the weather conditions in the city. The region of Algarve is known to remain warm and sunny, perfect for golf, for over 300 days a year. The best time to visit Vilamoura would be between the months of March and May, and from mid-September to mid-November.
  5. Tourists who are used to playing the game in hot conditions can bag tee time deals at very affordable prices between the months of June and September.
  6. The majority of people in Vilamoura speak English, hence as a tourist you won’t have a problem exploring this wonderful destination. You can explore the local culture and life without facing the language problem.
  7. If the courses in Vilamoura fail to satisfy you, though that is not at all possible, you can very well visit any of the numerous golf courses that are only a few minutes’ drive away.
  8. The personal favorite of many of the tourists on holiday is the Praia da Falesia beach near Vilamoura. It’s one of the best beaches in the whole of Europe. There are many wonderful beaches where you can relax and enjoy water sports.
  9. The area near the beach is the nightlife hub that houses plenty of clubs, restaurants, and bars. The nightlife hub is a great place to relax and enjoy your evenings in Vilamoura.
  10. Other than golf, beaches, restaurants, and night clubs there are plenty of things to do in Vilamoura. Take time to explore the beach caves, play tennis, go jet skiing and water skiing, go on boat tours, have fun watching whales and dolphins, and join the horseback riding tours.
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