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Senior Golf Tips: How To Lower Your Handicap Without Effort

One of the most beautiful things that you will come to learn when you are playing golf, is the fact that it is not always about winning. There are times when you will get onto the course and play just to have fun. Even if you win or lose, it is the experience that will make all the difference when the game is up. That explains why you will from time to time see a number of senior golf players on the course, teeing off and having a good time, without a care about who wins or who loses. The reason for this is because for them, it is about spending their time with those that they love, and having a good time while at it.

For senior players, you can have fun, while at the same time lowering your handicap. These two things can go hand in hand, and you do not have to worry about overly exerting yourself to get the scores you want. Once you follow some of the tips that we will discuss herein, you should not have much to worry about. Besides, for someone who has played golf for a number of years, it should be more or less a refresher course on how to lower your handicap very easily:

  • Go to the range and practice

  • Work on your short game

  • Have the right equipment

  • Be serious about your fitness goals

Go to the range and practice

It is very easy to work towards lowering your handicap without necessarily being overly worked up at the same time. The first thing you should do is spend a lot of time on the range. Practice will certainly get you so far.

Work on your short game

In as much as you will be working on the range, you still need to spend some quality time improving your short game too. Do not make the mistake of ignoring any aspect of your game in favor of another.

Have the right equipment

Equipment will always play an important role here too. Make sure you choose the right club for the game. Other than that, also try and make sure you have everything you need for the game.

Be serious about your fitness goals

Fitness is a key element that you should never take for granted. You need to stay fit in order to live up to the challenges you will face on the course.

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